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WHJ Processes is a long established consulting company. Wilf H.Jones, who has nearly four decades of experience in the food industry, formed the company in 1987. He is a member of the IFST, a professional member of the IFT (USA) and a fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society.

His knowledge covers all aspects of breakfast food processing. Although his background is conventional processing, he is one of the major pioneers of the development of extruded corn flakes and many other types of extruded cereals. He has written and presented papers, lectured and taught both conventional and extruded processing in many countries throughout the world.

The company has the knowledge and experience to save you money in many ways.

Teaching new processes, establishing correct procedures, improving existing products and processes, formulation.

Complete development of a product, from laboratory to production, including full staff training.

Assistance and advice, in purchasing the correct equipment.

Raw Materials
Assistance with suppliers, for obtaining quality raw materials.

Combining, with associate companies, complete factory layouts, plans etc.

Quality Assurance
Laboratory staff training, procedures, etc.

Operators and factory management training.



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